Georgia Mission Report

Dr. Moses Lee

Thanks for your prayer.
I preached during the first Sunday Service at the new building of Corner Stone Church equipped with 600 seats.

I was moved to tears last night. To my surprise, about 20 middle school students attended Sunday evening service and knelt in prayer that God would send them as missionaries.

A 10-year old boy Asher Maddox is learning Chinese, dedicated to a Chinese missionary.
(I had a revival meeting with his mother Cherish on the plane to Denver. She is an assistant pastor and worship leader. Her husband is also an assistant pastor.)

After preaching, many Americans (almost white) were laid hands on. A high school student, who was committed to Peru missionary, received the fire, burst into tears, and prayed that God might help him preach the Gospel of Jesus to Peru.

Underwood and Allen, who came to Korea as the first missionaries about 100 years ago, might have devoted themselves to the Lord at that young age before coming to Korea to save us.

A senior, who was nearly 90 and whose brother had died in the Korean war, said he could realize that his brother’s blood had not gone in vain after blessed by Rev. Moses Lee’s sermon on that day. He said he gave thanks to the Lord, taking many pictures with me.

His daughter and granddaughter are working in a worship team with Rev. Cherish.

  1. Fire of the Holy Spirit fell on Rome in Georgia by the powerful work of God and the Word.
  2. Everyonet gave a standing ovation, praising the Lord during service.
  3. They received me as a missionary of Corner Stone Church, exchanging vows with me.
  4. I prayed to the Lord that Rome in Georgia might become spiritual Rome as the center of world missions.
  5. God has called me Jinghis Khan, who will conquer the world with the Gospel.
  6. I will build Kingdomizer base in Rome as Jinghis Khan conquered Western countries and the Eastern Roman Empire.

  1. I will spread the Gospel to 186 counties in Georgia, making it Mission State.
  2. I plan to buy a seven-story building with the area of 66,115 m² as Jesus Center in Duluth, where Korean population is concentrated.
  3. I will make Georgia the land of Korea and make disciples of the 1st and 2nd generation Korean-Americans to make them governors, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives.
  4. I will invite a million Koreans to Georgia through immigration, moving from other states, economic exchanges and attracting students from Korea.
  5. We Koreans will accomplish the purpose of establishment of Georgia, where mission work is done by a State, not by a church or a denomination.