A Korean Pastor Invited to the White House

Pastor Moses Bangseok Lee in his capacity as the president of WPS, with U.S. Christian leaders

▲Pastor Moses Lee. ⓒChristian today DB

U.S. President Barack Obama is supposed to meet Pope Francisco with 12 Christian leaders in the White House on Sep 23. It is getting a lot of attention that a Korean pastor is invited to the meeting.

His name is Moses Lee, who is in charge of Atlanta Jesus mission church. He was appointed as the president of WPS (World Prayer Summit), a nationwide prayer movement of America, in 2006.

The invitation to the White House was made possible by his capacity as the president of WPS.

Dr. Moses said, “I will exchange opinions with the Pope about the 21st world mission strategy and deliver God’s message for Catholic. Pray for me that I may build a bridge of preaching Gospel by associating with global figures.”

He especially added, “Please pray that I can communicate clearly to the White House the opposition to homosexual love and homosexual marriage and that I may preach the salvation which is in Jesus, the truth and the life”, and asked as well “Pray that a disciple of Jesus may enter the White House next year”. WPS was established in 1982, to which fifty thousand US pastors belong. It is one of the crucial organizations for the presidential election. It supported the presidential candidate Bush in the presidential election 2004, running 40 day fast prayer and received the evaluation that it held up a mirror to political ability of U.S. evangelicals.

Invitation to the White House