Dr. Moses English - Summer Intensive Course

Intensive English Program will be running for Koreans August 1 to 27.

1st week : Beginning Level
2nd week : Intermediate Level
3rd week : Advanced Level
4th week : English Sermon

Dr. Moses Lee will be in charge of this program as a lecturer. His English learning methodology was introduced on the KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) before.

In Seoul women's University (Korea), Dr. Moses Lee taught English to 240 students 16 hours a day as the first director of SWELL(Seoul Women’s English Language License). Dr. Moses Lee’s English learning methodology was introduced by a television program “Running Morning” on the KBS and 6 papers carried the story, saying Seoul Women’s University won Ewha Women’s University, one of the best Women's University in Korea because of English.

All the students who have completed the intensive course were granted licenses and afterwards the methodology had a chance of spreading to all the universities and English academies in Korea.

△ Website : www.kingdomizers.org