Pray for my visit to Korea

By Dr. Moses Lee/  Nov 11, 2016

My Fellow workers

Please pray for me. I am coming to my country to prepare for next year’s presidential election.

I will interview all the presidential candidates, deliver the word of God and choose a person who acts in absolute obedience to the Lord, making him join up with Trump.

  1. For spiritual and moral purification of Korea
  2. To make the current situation secure
  3. To make the government secure
  4. To help president Park bear good fruits
  5. To select the next president
  6. To make him closely allied with Trump
  7. To construct basis of unification

Korea will move from G11 to G7 and then from G7 to G4. After the period of G4 (Korea, USA, Japan, China), we will proceed to G2 (Korea and USA) after putting aside Japan and China.

America is the eagle of the west.
Korea is the eagle of the East.

A lot of prayer is needed for our country, Korea.

Ideological unification failed (Communism : South and North Korea)
Economic unification failed (Capitalism : Germany)
I desire to succeed in unification only by Jesus   

Unification by Jesus !
Only Jesus !

Bible Korea !
World Mission Korea !
Unification Korea !

Be prepared to reign over the world !

Jesus is the only way.

Only by Prayer !

"This kind can come out only by prayer."(Mark 9:29)
"They all joined together constantly in prayer” (Acts 1:12-14)