The Greatest Crisis Ever !

Urgent prayer request to my co-laborers

By Dr. Moses Lee

We are now facing urgent crisis.

  1. Hillary pledged to kill ten million North Koreans by dropping nuclear bombs when she becomes president.
  2. Trump spoke he could hand over North Korea to Japan when he becomes president.
  3. Trump invited only Abe and is enjoying honeymoon period with him; I wonder if he is about to hand over North Korea to Japan.
  4. Japan-Korea Treaty of 1905, the Katsura-Taft Agreement, can recur to Korea now (Japan handed over Philippines to the US, and the US handed over Korea to Japan in return, 1905. It is only Korea that was deprived of its country without war in human history.)

Japan can invade the Korean Peninsula, especially North Korea without permission of the US, because wartime control was handed over to Japan by the US.

Abe is very dangerous; trying to take revenge on the North Korea, for it purged pro-Japanese group completely.

In this serious situation, we are having a hiatus after president’s impeachment.

IMF announced Korea could encounter another financial crisis of 1997. We are undergoing the greatest crisis ever. We should pray a lot nationally.

  1. Commie is attempting unification under communism.
  2. Japan is about to devour the Korean Peninsula.
  3. China is trying to eat the North Korea, announcing its imperialism.
  4. Putin can demand something from Korean Peninsula, for he is Trump’s friend,
  5. The North Korea will ask for peace treaty with the US or threaten the US by nuclear bombs, as its high degree of strategy, while treading a tightrope.

It is not too much to say that we are in the greatest crisis in the history of the Republic of Korea, even in the history of five thousand years.