Pray for the President-elect Trump

By Dr. Moses Lee

My coworkers

Thank you for praying for Trump's election. Keep praying for president-elect Trump.

Please pray for me also that I may deliver him right God’s message as a good spiritual mentor.

American evangelicals anticipate Trump will become as great as Abraham Lincoln. He is already doing things in a drive, which tens of thousands of pastors cannot do for hundred years.

He said
1 “I will remove abortion-rights supporters from federal judges.”
2 “I will drive out homosexuality.”
3 “I will fire public officials who love money without working.”
4 “I will make America great again.”
5 “I will prevent illegal entry by building walls between US and Mexico.”
6 “I will deport about three million illegal immigrants.”
7 “I will prevent China from stealing US technology.”
8 “I will make radical Muslims eliminated.”
9 “I will build our country, praying together with evangelicals.”
10 “America should prosper first to save the world.”

I sent an email to Trump last September 24 and got a thank-you note from Trump's election headquarter.

Dear Mr. Trump

My name is Moses Bangseok Lee, President of World Prayer Summit (WPS). Greeting in the Mighty and Matchless Name of Jesus Christ.

I have only one purpose of writing this letter to you: I have got a call to support you from the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Creator and owner of all creation with Father God through the Holy Spirit.

My organization WPS was founded by three global leaders: Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. Richard Halverson (former Chaplin of US Senate), and Ray Bringham in 1982 to help and establish American political leaders as well as religious leaders by prayers. It has 50,000 American Pastors having, no less than 50 million church members.

The late Ray Bringham(former President of WPS) played one of the most critical role to make Mr. Bush (42nd) be elected as US President. He got a call from God to make Mr. Bush as 42nd President of USA. He fasted 40 days when he was 80 years old. He and Rev. Billy Graham invited Mr. Bush, so that they laid their hands upon Mr. Bush proclaiming “God anoint you now as next President. The Lord is with you, be strong, and courageous.”

Two powerful and influential evangelical leaders challenged 80 million Roman Catholic Christians, and 60 Million protestant evangelical Christians to vote for Mr. Bush and he was elected.

As only legal successor of founders of WPS, I am willing to do what my seniors have done before. I and my team have decided to take actions such as:

1. Georgia for Trump Movement

2. Korean for Trump Movement

a. 3 Million Korean Americans plus 600,000 American citizens whose wife and mother are Korean.

b. I have absolute authority over 9 Korean American TV stations in USA. I want to air Trump’s promotion program 10 times a day until November 8th, 2016.

c. I will challenge and mobilize 4,500 Korean American Churches (3 Million members) to vote for Mr. Trump

3. California for Trump Movement

Dear Mr. Trump, I strongly believe you are chosen by God to destroy evil kingdom of homosexuality, abortion, radical Muslim and all the unbiblical agendas which have been destroying America.

Please set a side time whether to have a conference with me, or have your partners hold a conference with me so that I may be properly advise to take actions for you.

The Lord bless and keep you
The Lord makes His face shine upon you
And be gracious on to you
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you
And give you peace.

Prayerfully yours,

Your brother Moses Bangseok Lee (Ph. D in Inter-Cultural Studies)

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