Resurrection miracle

My brother's best friend Jack Lapamato in Worcester Mass whom we were praying over for healing of the risen Jesus who had a heart attack , then a stroke 4-5-16- is healed!!!!!

The Doctors were saying last week he was going to die in hospital as his liver had stopped functioning - most vital signs were shutting down in a coma and now Doctors and nurses say this week Jack was a miracle.

7 days ago Bro Ben was allowed to go lay hands on him and pray a healing prayer of power of the Risen Lord touch Jack's in his coma and now this week started to improve and yesterday is improved to point he is sitting up talking to Ben.

Last week no movement in Jack, without any signs of communication - couldn't even open his eyes and this week yesterday sitting up talking to Ben like normal. Jack is unplugged from the life support systems and yesterday sitting up talking to Ben.

Ben says he has never believed in the power and riches of our Risen Lord as much as now.

He says may the Risen Jesus be glorified. Hallelujah !!!!

Supplementary Explanation

My brother Mark’s friend was in a coma, but the Lord answered our pervent prayer and he woke up.

This is a Miracle Testimony.

Mark is a servant of healing; the eyes of the blind are opened and cancer is healed when he lays his hands on people in the name of the Lord.

When I stayed overnight at his house last week, he asked me to pray for Jack and we prayed earnestly for him to the Lord.

My brother Mark is a monk and has lived in the monastery for almost 50 years; praying, laboring and expending time on literary mission. He is a precious servant of God.

He belongs to Mother of God Community Church, Catholic.

It started by two Catholic laypersons, Iddie and Judy after they were baptized by the Holy Spirit.

The fire of the Holy Spirit spread to Notre Dame University, and then to the whole world. The church is a mother church, where the second Movement of the Holy Spirit in the twentieth century began.

Pastor Ray Bringham used to be a spiritual senior pastor of the church; and now I’m undertaking the role as his successor to preach once a month and to pray for them.

Currently 130 million Catholics speak in tongues and strong healing is manifested in consequence of the work of the Holy Spirit that started at the church.

I met the leading role of the historical year of 1967, Mrs. Iddie when she was 88; she kept on preaching and laid hands on me even though she knew I was a pastor. She set up over 200 churches as a laywoman.

This church was awarded a special prize for starting the Movement of the Holy Spirit, from the pope John Paul II several years ago.

That’s why I was invited from the White House last 23rd of September - I've been pastoring the church spiritually, which made me got recognition by the Vatican.

More surprisingly, Jack was in the same condition as Esther was in before she died.

I agree with the title ‘Resurrection miracle’ Mark gave to this testimony, because Jack was revived from the same condition my wife Esther had before she died.

Only Jesus