Resuming Schools in Atlanta

I give thanks to the Lord for granting us the exclusive right to translate Bible into Arabic. Glory to the Lord!.

The fellowship with the senior pastor of the church is becoming deeper, to which the Bible translator and the world renowned theologian belong.

The church has 4,000 members and has established 7 churches more, making a small denomination.

The senior pastor is my junior in Fuller Theological Seminary by 20 years. The Muslim mission of his church is acknowledged as what made most fruits ever.

The branch school of the Faith Theological Seminary(FTS) will start again in alliance with the church; so does Kingdomizer Theological Seminary

Kingdomizer Theological Seminary, Kings Divinity School and Kings Academy - three schools could have been running because my wife Esther was skillful at administration. All of them are registered as a corporation in Georgia.

I’m just managing to live, heartbroken over Esther’s death, but I will try to resume the three schools and FTS; please pray for me a lot.