Repentance and Intercession for assiatant pastors

By Dr. Moses

Many assistant pastors are enforced to serve their senior pastors more than God.

My heart is broken when I see them do as they are told like a running dog and go to hell.

Several years ago, an assistant pastor who belongs to one of the biggest 3 churches in Korea came to me and said, “I’ll take charge of a satellite broadcasting church.”

I told him, “You are attracting an attention as a successor of the church, you are from a prestigious university and a lot of youths are following you.” “But now you are going collecting offerings before TV screen?”

“Jesus, the incarnation of God spoke to his people face to face, treating each of them respectfully. He didn’t do his ministry in front of the TV camera, displaying his face on the huge screen.”

Then he said what I cannot forget forever, “It’s difficult for me to disobey my senior pastor because he has paid me salary for 10 years.”

I said, “Whose money is that? Are you the servant of God?”

He said, “Of course I am …”

I delivered him God’s message, “If you go to the branch church, presiding over the service and collecting the offering in front of the screen, the Holy Spirit will depart from you from that day on.”

“You will go to hell after serving your senior pastor in this world.”

At once he went to his senior pastor and told him he couldn’t obey the order. He asked for forgiveness and another order. But his boss was so angry and yelled at him saying, “You got paid from me 10 years but now are you going to betray me?” “Get out of here, you s.o.b.”

He got fired that day. After having a time of wandering he was allowed a small church. Now he is walking with the Holy Spirit.

I hear the news that people are wondering whether the senior pastor went to heaven or hell.

Lord, have mercy on the assistant pastors of mega churches, who are exploited from their senior pastors.
They are going to hell because of money and ambition.
They are serving their boss like a running dog in deep pain of their heart.
They obey their senior pastors rather than the word of God.

Lord, have pity on them.
Let them repent and be a glorious servant of the Lord, not the servant of man.

In Jesus matchless name

We pray. Amen"