Greek lecture & Biblical Hermeneutics Seminar

To my beloved fellow workers

There’s a pain in my heart I can never forget all my life.

When I was in ministry in Seattle, 1985, the president of a youth group said he could not believe in Jesus.

He said he neither blamed anyone nor complained anything as he worked 14 hours a day, sending his money to his mother and sister in Korea.

But he asked, “However, the one who came to save mankind cried out in a loud voice, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" on the cross? How can such an irresponsible man, full of resentment, save us mankind?”

I couldn’t say a word.

He didn’t accept Jesus as his savior until I came down to LA. I have suffered from my ignorance and incompetence for a long time.

However, 6 years ago, a distinguished Aramaic scholar published a book, which stated the interpretation of the passage, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" was wrong.

He said it was not from Hebrew but Aramaic and announced that the meaning of the passage is “My God, my God, I have completed my mission.” or “This is my destiny. I am here to fulfill my mission.”

It’s not that Jesus quoted a verse from Psalm 22. The passage was written in Hebrew, in which David was crying to the Lord in a tone of resentment; having nothing to do with Jesus!

I was left in a huge shock and thoroughly repented my sins of causing a soul to stumble because of my ignorance of the original language.

I reproached myself for not leading a soul, the noblest of all creatures in the world, to the Lord.

After that, I made a firm resolution to master Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic for the proper teaching of the Bible.

My fellow workers, I’ll do my best in this Greek lecture to help you master interpretation of the Bible.

Never miss this opportunity!

Contents of Lecture

1.Verb Analysis of the Biblical Greek (Parcing)

Mastery : able to analyze all the verbs if you understand a chart.

2.Correcting wrong interpretations

1) Soteriology
2) Ecclesiology
3) Eschatology
4) Christology
5) Missiology

3.Inductive Bible Study for pastoral ministry

1) The secret of prosperity of a church to make more than hundred churches
2) The secret of training hundreds of thousands of Bible teachers

4.Biblical hermeneutics

5.Bible Mnemonics (24,000 people trained in Korea)


(213) 605-2150 : Reverend Jin-su Kang (dean of students, King's Divinity School
(626) 710-0798 : Reverend Jae-jun Baek (dean of academic affairs, King's Divinity School)


Sep. 17 (Sat) 9 am -4pm
Sep. 18 (Sun) 4 pm-8pm


Manna Church (senior pastor : Gang-sik, Nam), 433 South Normandie, Los Angeles, CA 90020


$100 (meal and text book to be offered)

King's Divinity School

  • One of the eight schools under Kingdomizer Mission Alliance, located in Atlanta

  • President : Dr. Moses Lee

  • Dean of the school : Dr. Seung-mok Choi