Climbing up the mountain children

By Dr. Moses

It is vivid in my memory that I used to sing at churches and weddings as a member of a male quartet, in freshman year at Seoul Theological University, 1976.

I miss those days I used to go to ‘5-ga’ bakery in Jongno 5-ga, satisfying my hunger with some bread after little paid.

Followings are 4 members of the quartet :
Daeil, Lee (BASE I)
Haewon Seo (TENOR II)
Deokseong Lee (TENOR I)
Bangseok Lee (BASE II)

This is one of the songs, which gives me comfort, courage and hope all the time. I dedicate this song to my coworkers, wishing it to be inspiring.

Climbing up the mountain children
(Oh Lord I) Didn't come here for to stay
(Oh brother) If I never more see you again
Goin' to meet you at the judgement day

Moses went down into Egypt land
He told ole Pharoah
That the good Lord sittin' on His heavenly throne
Said, let my people go

Daniel in the den of lions
He did begin to pray
That the Angel of the Lord locked the lion's jaw
That sho' was a mighty day (good Lord)
Sho' was a mighty day

Children in the fiery furnace, they did begin to pray,
and the Angel of the Lord put the fire out.
That sure was a mighty day, good Lord,
sure was a mighty day.